About Geo

Geo Clothing has been developed by the two of us, we are Rachel and Hilary.

Whenever you see roller derby or roller skates in the design, you know it’s Rachel’s brain child. Rachel jams for Oxford Roller Derby and is very proud of it (and very good at it). To supplement her training, Rach does weight-lifting and consequently loves a muscle tank 😉

Hilary’s the one you see throwing her body weight around (and more)…pun intended. Her passion stems from everything Crossfit and the great outdoors. If you need to find your way around the gym or the countryside, she’s your girl! Hilary has a great talent for drawing and design, so this coupled with the fore-mentioned helps make Geo work.

The idea of GEO Clothing comes from our love of the outdoors and fitness combined with the desire to have comfortable and stylish clothing.

We’re a start-up and we know it, we love feedback and if you’ve got a suggestion then our ears are open. Fill in a form on the contact us page and we’ll get back to you 🙂