Alex Valentine


You may remember the number “666” from the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup where Valentine helped take England to number 4 in the world as one of the top jammers in the country. She had been training hard with Rainy City Roller Derby (Manchester, UK) for the years preceding this to gain the skills she needed to represent the country. How awesome is that?! Actually played for a national team in an actual world cup.

Photo Credit: John Hesse

With a number of fitness qualifications under her belt, Alex has taken a break from competitive roller derby to create “Alex Valentine Personal Training” and help others reach their fitness and derby goals through many different methods of coaching.

Photo Credit: Charlie Orion

From this, along with a little help from her friends, she has founded “TransFit Manchester” in 2019 to create a safe space for all trans* and non-binary athletes to train, without judgement or prejudice, which unfortunately is still found in gyms all over the world.

Further to this (yes, there’s more!), Alex has taken up Olympic Weightlifting as something to set her sights on for 2020. You’ll find Alex perfecting her snatch, or cleaning up her jerk in a gym near you in preparation for future competitions. We cannot WAIT to cheer Alex on at the comps soon.

In her spare time, you may find Alex programming your fitness schedules/ roller derby training tips or listing her favourite coffee haunts in one of her many, many notebooks. Who doesn’t love a great notebook?! It keeps the world in order.

Valentine is a self-confessed fan of ‘My Favourite Murder’ and ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’. We’re not sure how these two would mix in a social situation but “Drag Race Murder” is definitely something we would tune into.

On a more serious note(book), Alex has been with Geo from the very beginning as our first ambassador, and we hope until the bitter end!

Personal Training Instagram: @alexvalentinept

TransFit Manchester Instagram: @transfitmcr

SSDGM Alex, we love you!