Charelle Christian AKA Beat-her Parker


London Roller Derby jammer extraordinaire, this Spiderman-inspired Jamaican fury will give you HELL on the roller derby track. Formally a Surrey Roller Girl, Beat-her has progressed in skate skill and fitness enough to now be part of one of the top 10 leagues in the actual world. Hello Batter-C Power!

Photo Credit: Mike Gatiss

She claims to be a pretty avid ukulele player, we’d like to see her skate and play the ukulele at the same time, but that’s for the future maybe.

We love to blow Parker’s ukulele so we’ll also take this time to mention that she has represented Team West Indies or “Windies” at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup, which was held in Manchester, UK. We think that’s pretty bloody incredible if we’re honest. Ever heard of a pivot? Yeah she did that in a real life World Cup. BEAT that!

Photo Credit: Henry Hunt Photo

Another little known fact, once Parker and our very own Rach Against the Machine went head to head in jammer battles when Surrey faced off against Oxford Roller Derby. We still love each other though. That’s what roller derby is all about #womensupportingwomen…

When she isn’t rolling on wheels, she is often found eating wheel shaped foods. Yeah we’ve seen the awesome donuts you’ve been eating on the ‘gram, Parks! Nothing gets by us at the Geo family.

Photo Credit: Lotus Photography

Parks is all about the derby right now and we’re damn happy to be supporting her as she aims for the top.

Personal Instagram: @beat_her_parker

London Roller Derby Instagram: @londonrollerderby

Our spidey senses are tingling, we know this is going to be a good partnership.