Imogen Smith AKA Stamps


Where to start with Stamperella the ramp skating, roller derby playing, dinosaur fossil collecting human that she is! Let’s start from the beginning…. ROLLER SKATES.

Stamps first put on a pair of skates after finding a flyer about some “Roller Derby” sport at a Uni open day. Sounds a bit weird to us….

Where does she do this ‘roller derby’? With the ever mighty Victorian Roller Derby League in Australia OF COURSE! We really don’t need to say much more, but we will, because we love to tell you all of the awesome things about our ambassadors. Stamps is going from strength-to-strength on the track, making the top 30 in the league. A special goal for 2020 is working on mental toughness and we’re here to work with her!

Photo Credit: Cathie B Photography

Let’s talk about dinosaurs and sharks….. she bloody loves em. Ever heard of a Megalodon? Well, we’ve just learnt why the film was called “The Meg”. She’ll teach you all about it if you give her a chance. We hope that Stamps will inspire some Dinoshark designs for Geo in the near future.

Aside from all this super cool stuff above, when she’s got time you might find her with a pair of knitting needles stashed poised and ready to knit & sew some wicked clothes or craft up a storm. But when you’re a big time roller derby player, these things might take a back seat. Or she might just be having far too much fun playing video games… who knows?

Personal Instagram: @stamperella181

VRDL Instagram: @victorianrollerderbyleague

Keep being a dino-nerd Moe.