Lily Gaskell AKA Thumpin


Lily needs very little introduction from us as she takes the world by storm in her hobbies and profession right now. Uber triple threat for Rainy City Roller Derby by night and Vegan Chocolatier for her very own Truffle Pig Vegan by day, you will find the Roller Derby World is ALL ABOUT Gaskell 316. Just ask Steaks Wear and they will tell you!

Photo Credit: The John Hesse

She is the embodiment of “roller derby looks like women hitting each other down, but is actually women lifting each other up” #womensupportingwomen – Lily can do this as she is pretty damn strong. She can lift up many womxn…. Her spare time is filled with training for the next Strong Woman competition and to lift and drink the world’s biggest bottle of Dr Pepper. We wish her luck in all her endeavours and hope to see her in the Guinness Book of World Records soon….

Thumpin has been to prison many times. She used to go there to teach music (how friggin cool is that?!) as she’s got the skills from her background in Folk Music. Right now, we’re not sure that there is anything she can’t do?

We ask her to just take a few moments to support our business when she isn’t smelling Simon Pegg’s shoes. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure that she washes her hands before she goes into her ALL VEGAN kitchen to prepare delicious vegan chocolates to feed the masses. She’s got some serious traction for Truffle Pig Vegan which she runs with her fiancé from their Sheffield home, it’s actually award winning. Like literally won awards.

Personal Instagram: @thumpin316

Truffle Pig Vegan’s Instagram: @trufflepigvegan

Rainy City Roller Derby Instagram: @rainycityrollerderby

Keep on trufflin’ Lily, you’re rad!