Lynsey McKay AKA Demi Lition


Demi is the QUEEN of Kent Roller Girls… (this is a pun because she actually loves Queen the band)… as the original founder back in 2010 after playing roller derby for a mere 1 or 2 years before that. She has recently lead them to the top 80 in Europe and coaches Kent Men’s Roller Derby team AND the Kent Roller Girls rec team. PHEW that’s a lot of roller derby.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Valsler

Like many people who do roller derby, Demi loves a bit of cross-training fitness. So much so that she made herself into a personal trainer to help others reach their fitness goals. If you want to stay fit, why not make it your career, eh? We can all be jealous from afar.

You may think that a person could not possibly have more talents AND such glorious mermaid hair, but you’d be wrong! Demi has over 15 years of experience working in the music industry. We also have good information that she has over 15 years of experience in haloumi eating too.

When Demi isn’t on her quad skates teaching the people of Kent to be as awesome and badass as she is, you may find her thinking up more ways to show her appreciation for Walt Disney himself. If her colourful ink isn’t enough to get you convinced of her love, them check out her toe guards or roller skates…. We told you so!

Personal Instagram: @demi_lition

Kent Roller Girls’ Instagram: @kentrollergirls

Kent Men’s Roller Derby Instagram: @kentmensrollerderby

Keep hustling, keep uniting and keep on committing Demi, we’re stoked to have you!