Megan Willmott


This pint-sized powerhouse has the grip strength of a mighty vice and the resilience to handle anything that life throws at her. She’s the master of a V7 climb on the bouldering wall. If you don’t know what that means, then just know that it’s pretty dang tough!

If you have followed her journey on the ‘gram, you will see that this year she is celebrating a whole year of being cancer free; this goes to show just how bloody awesome and inspiring this woman is. Since this speed bump in life, she has gone grown in strength, both mentally and physically. 2020 will even see her organising a charity skydive for @climbersagainstcancer and we cannot wait to cheer her on!

When Megan’s not climbing indoors… guess what else she’s doing?! CLIMBING OUTDOORS obviously; the world is her gym and she will travel far and wide to get there. It’s like totally her favourite thing to do. Travel to new climbing gyms, travel to the Lake District (and climb), see a mountain, climb it.

Our guess is that it’s probably best not to keep Megan in your house, she’ll probably start climbing the walls!

Her talents do not end there though, although she would like life to be all about climbing, sometimes you gotta let your muscles rest and the skin grow back on your hands… so why not keep those fingers warm and flexy by playing the piano?? Yup, you got it, she rocks it (pun intended with the “rock” by the way).


Keep climbing Megan, we’ll meet you at the top!