BoFine Sleeveless Hoodie


Sizing, to fit chest: S – 36″, M – 40″, L – 44″, XL –  48″

These hoodies fit all shapes, sizes and genders – we don’t want to miss anyone out (in plain English, they’re Unisex woohoo!)

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large


It’s no secret that we’ve been travelling and one place that made a huge impact on us was Texas and their longhorned cattle so we created the BoFine design and figured that the perfect accompaniment was our sleeveless hoodie.

We wanted to follow on from our Skullcrusher Sleeveless Hoodies and we have therefore designed these Bovine skulls with a sugar skull in mind. We think you’ll agree that we made them ever so BoFine! <3

These sleeveless hoodies provide the perfect warm up and cool down layer. They don’t have pesky sleeves so slip right on over your roller skating elbow pads. Or, if you’re weightlifting, then these beauties leave your arms free for your next lift.

If you’re reading this, you need a BoFine Sleeveless Hoodie in your life. The next move is simple 🙂

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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