Saffron Tallulah Howie AKA Saffasaurusrex


Saffron is no woman to be messed with. She started her fitness journey in the CrossFit world, which then transitioned into lifting very heavy objects in the gymnasium. Her strength and talent progressed so much so that she’s now trained for and entered more strong woman contests than we can shake a pole at.

Strong woman contests are no easy feat. It’s not all about just lifting the heaviest weight in your category but lifting the heaviest, most awkward, obscure items… hello beer barrels and tractor tyres. That’s quite difficult to wrap your brain and your biceps around… but Saff does it with a perm in her hair and the biggest smile on her face, always!

Photo Credit: White Lights Media

You’ll find her recovering (recovery is KEY to building muscles) and relaxing at home, often with a puppy or her sewing machine, or both! A lady of many, many talents, although she is super modest about it all. Did you know she actually sews her own pole outfits and dungarees? Anything she doesn’t make herself, she’ll have a go at customising; mainly with a tie-dye pattern but she’ll give anything a try.

Saffasaurus is the brightest ray of light in most places, an absolute LOVER of all things bright, beautiful and rainbow, there is never a grey day. She loves to match her fave Geo clothes with the awesome Ruby Fury Activewear leggings and shorts which are perfect for her pole dancing practice on a Wednesday evening. We don’t think there is any better way to spend a humpday night.

Personal Instagram: @saffasaurusrex

Ruby Fury Activewear Instagram: @rubyfuryactivewear

Keep on spinning Saffron, you’re an inspiration!