Shannon Stanton AKA Jambi


(Photo Credit on the home page: Rod Noendeng Photography)

This lady needs very little introduction. She’s a badass, strong AF mother who is an absolute inspiration to all! When she’s not at the day job in sunny Brisbane, you’ll find her throwing some weight around in her very own home gym. Yeah she built and stocked that. “How good?” we hear you ask…. In response…”SO GOOD!”

Photo Credit: Kurt N Call Photography

You might have seen Jambi jamming (say that 5 times in a row really fast…) at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester for Team Australia, or wearing blue with Victorian Roller Derby League. Inspired by her baby sister back in 2011, Jambi first put on her roller skates and the rest was literally history. She busted her ass and worked up to playing at the highest possible level you can, her life was changed.

Jambi has developed her skills to be able to coach skate clinics all over the world and has skating and coaching to thank for seeing so many amazing places… we predict that’s where her love for Texas blossomed. We think we could go and live there with her one day and ride off on longhorns into the sunset… but that’s for another day.

Ok, that’s enough about roller derby (JOKES… it’s never enough). As of 2020, Jambi skates with Brisbane City Rollers and has a top goal of supporting the Australian Men’s Team in the 2020 Roller Derby Men’s World Cup.

When she’s taking a break from 8 wheels (everyone has to SOMETIMES), Jambi may be listening to a heinous true crime podcast, serial killers are her top choice. Ah, she may turn out to be our very own Harley Quinn of Geo <3

Personal Instagram: @jambi32

Brisbane City Rollers Instagram: @bcrrollerderby

Stay strong Jambi, you inspire us all everyday.