Violet Attack AKA Simone Radway

Violet Attack (She/Her)

Violet Attack, the proof is in the pudding.. or the clue is in the name! A Birmingham Blitz Dames (BBD) A-Team skater since they first formed in 2006, she was first taken by the sport after reading an article about the almighty Gotham Roller Derby in Bust Magazine.  But don’t be fooled into thinking this was the first time Attack put on a pair of skates! Oh no… that all started at Ronnie’s Roller Rink in Birmingham. We’re so sad to hear that it’s now closed, if you want to skate in Birmingham now, we guess you will just have to join BBD.

Photo Credit : Floyd King Photography

There is no end to Attack’s skills really, but this creative human has a couple of main ways to spend her time (after kicking ass on track of course). She is a photographer turned pattern cutter and dressmaker, if you check out her Instagram, you’ll find many many works of art on there. Incuding her own body. YUP, this woman is an actual LIFE MODEL. The purest form of creative art, don’t you think? Celebrating the human form and the strong body that make this life possible. OK, we’ve got quite deep now….

You know what comes hand in hand with roller derby? WEIGHTLIFTING of course! Have you seen Attack’s shoulders recently….. you cannot miss them. Want a strong, badass physique like that? You just gotta deadlift, use loads of kettlebells, practice fencing, swim and play roller derby. It’s really quite simple.

We all have little goals for ourselves throughout the year, but Attack’s is a pretty damn important one. She has joined the WFTDA Diversity & Inclusion Committee to help improve the racial diversity of roller derby as a sport. We’re going to make sure that we tag along for the ride and LEARN everything that they have to teach from this. Yes, roller derby proclaims itself to be a very inclusive sport, and in most aspects it is, but there are still groups that need more representation. Watch this space.

Did we mention that not only does Attack play for one of the top 30 teams in Europe (yeah there are like over 1000 teams so that’s mega), she also joined Beat Her Parker in the 2018 Women’s Roller Derby World Cup on Team West Indies? Yeah that. FURTHER to this, Attack has recently joined Black Diaspora Roller Derby, to represent the spread of black roller derby players who live away from their original homeland. For Attack, this is St.Kitts in the Caribbean.

We are so stoked to have such a powerhouse on OUR team right now!

Personal Instagram: @thesimbad1982

Birmingham Blitz Dames Instagram: @blitzdames

Keep ATTACKING life head on, you’re rocking it.